5 Things to prepare before your first meeting

If you will be meeting with a builder in the near future to start your project planning, then you've come to the right place, because today we are going to be giving you the Top 5 things you need to have prepared to make your time most effective.

So the first thing you want to have on hand is a copy of your site plan. The plan should contain measurements of the site boundary dimensions.

This plan is known as a Survey Plan and you should have received this plan when you purchased your block of land. It may be hidden amongst your purchase contract documents, so take a look there.

Also make a note on the plan of the location of the services that are available to your site. The builder will need to know what power, water and sewer connections are available.

The next thing that you need to have prepared is your Wish List.

The builder will want to know what you really want in your new home. What are your must haves, what are you negotiable on and what are things things that want to avoid? Having this list will help the builder prepare a concept design for your new home that is on track with what you have been picturing.

The third thing that you need to bring with you is the budget that you have available to build your new home. If the builder knows your budget they will be able to prepare a concept design that is in line with that budget, or quickly and easily let you know if something that you want is going to take you over the budget you have set.

Without having a budget in mind, this process could be a huge waste of time and money, as you may end up with a design that will never be built.

The forth thing to be along is any sketches or mud maps that you have been drawing.

This helps your builder get an idea of how you like to live in your home.

Do you want the Master Bedroom away from all the other rooms? Do you want an open plan kitchen, dining and living space?

Do you want an alfresco area that opens up from the dining room?

This mud map together with the Fifth thing will really help your builder get an insight into what you have in your imagination.

Finally, the fifth thing to bring along is any pictures or photographs of styles that you love. Pintrest is a great tool for this, so make yourself a Pintrest board with all of the images that you'd love to see in your home.

Find images of house facades, kitchens, bathrooms, colours and tiles and keep them together for a reference that your builder can use when designing your home.

You're now quite prepared to have your first meeting with a builder, and this is an exciting time, because you're talking about building your new home.

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