Is The Quality of Your New Home Important to You?

Building a new home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. One home will often cost as much (or more) than the value of all the cars you buy in lifetime. But when it comes to choosing the right builder, it can be very confusing. Most builders appear to be qualified, experienced and professional. So how do you know who to trust with this major financial investment? Here are 2 unusual questions that may tell you if your builder is up to standard. Question #1: How many coats of paint do you put on the internal walls? At first, this may seem like a silly question to ask. But it will give you an insight into your builder’s attention to detail. Believe it or not, some builders cut corners (in order to increase profits) by only putting one coat of paint on the walls. Other builders may do 2 coats, but they water the paint down and apply it with a spray gun – so it ends up being the equivalent of one coat anyway. Take a look yourself. Visit a home your builder has finished and closely inspect the walls. Run your clean, dry fingers over the paint and feel for variances in the surface. Take a bright torch and examine the consistency. If you notice any patchiness or unevenness in the surface, you should ask more questions. And you should start to look at other areas around the home like the doors (and the gap consistency), handles (for paint overspray), downpipes (for any damage), tiles (for even grouting), bath and vanity (for thorough sealing) etc. These ‘little things’ will tell you a lot about your builder’s attention to detail. Question #2: How many constructions are you currently supervising? Another way builders cut costs is to assign too many homes to the one supervisor. If your builder is supervising too many homes without any systems, there is just no way he can manage all the details and implement a proper quality control process. While it is not necessary (and rarely ideal) to have one person complete all the building work on your new home, it is vital that one person takes responsibility. Continuity of oversight ensures things are followed through and that all work is completed on time, on budget and to the exact specifications required. So before you choose a builder, ask these 2 unusual questions so you can be sure your builder is up to the task. For a complete checklist of questions you should ask when choosing a builder call me on the number below. I’ll not only give you this vital checklist but walk you through the things we do to ensure you receive a home you’ll absolutely love.

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