Is your builder planning to fail?

Ever heard the saying:

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

It’s certainly the case when it comes to builders.

The reason for this is simple: there are a lot of moving parts that need to be co-ordinated.

Let’s take one component of a house – the bathroom for example:

There are up to seven different tradespeople required including:

  • Plumbers

  • Electricians

  • Builders

  • Glaziers

  • Cabinetmakers

  • Painters

  • & tiles

What’s more, most of these jobs are dependent on specific materials.

And often, one is dependent on the other (for instance, the plumber may be unable to complete his job until after the electrician has worked on the wiring).

It’s way more complicated than most people realise.

And that’s why, when it comes to building your home on time and on budget…


But if you ask most builders what their plan is, and exactly what’s going to happen… they won’t be able to give you an answer.

This can be a major problem, particularly if you…

1. Want everything done within budget.

2. Need to hit a deadline.

3. Are concerned about quality.

Unless a builder has shown you a plan of EXACTLY how they’re going to deliver on their promise, please…


It needs to be all mapped out, showing you exactly how he’s going to do it and the number of days each project will take.

If it’s not, budgets will likely blow out, shortcuts will be taken on quality, or you’ll miss your deadline.

If you would like to compare the sort of detail we put into our plans, phone us for a free design consultation. You won’t be disappointed.

P.S. Please don’t be blasé about this, and please don’t run with a builder because he

seems like a “nice” guy.

Truth is, most builders are nice. There’s a lot of good guys in the industry.

But nice won’t get you the house you’re looking for…

Quite frankly, the #1 thing you need to end up with a finished home that’s on time

and on budget is to deal with someone who’s both nice AND organised. Call us today for

a free design consultation so you can put us to the test.