Our Renovations Process



  • Whether you contact us by e-mail, via the website or at our Display Home we will be ready to answer any questions that you may have renovating or extending your home.


  • We will arrange a convenient time to meet with you either on site or at our office for your initial appointment.


  • 1 Hr consultation to discuss your ideas and requirements. We will also discuss our detailed construction process with you.


  • If you already have your own plans drafted, we will examine these and offer feedback.


  • The process from the initial appointment to preparing a fixed price quotation requires working drawings and engineering to be prepared along with inclusions selected and specification prepared. These can only be provided once an initial deposit has been paid


  • If you do not have your own plans, we will provide you with an estimate to develop concept designs for your vision and a preliminary cost proposal.



  • At this stage, we will present to you the concept drawings and discuss any feedback that you have. Included with the concept designs will be preliminary specifications that can also be modified to suit.


  • You will also receive a Preliminary Cost Proposal based on the concept designs presented and the specifications discussed.



  • Once you have paid your initial deposit we will arrange another site visit, a soil test and a contour survey of your site if required. Generally these will be required for the preparation of working drawings and engineering.


  • Once the reports have been completed we will organise for the working drawings to be prepared and engineered.


  • You will be provided with a list of our "Signature Inclusions" that you can personalise, or you can provide us with a "Wish List" of inclusions for us to include in your fixed price quotation.


  • You will be given access to our Online Project Management system so you can start making your selections


  • We will present you with your FIXED PRICE quotation all inclusive costings based on all of your chosen specifications. We will also confirm all aspects of the quotation to ensure it meets your scope and expectations


  • Now is the perfect opportunity to confirm your needs and ensure they are included in the fixed price quotation.


  • Once you have accepted the quotation, we will prepare your HIA/QMBA New Home Building Contract


  • We will arrange a meeting with our colour consultant to finalise your selections. 


  • We will present you with and go over your HIA/QMBA New Home Building Contract and specifications and sign all pages.


  • You will be required to pay the remainder of the 5% deposit - less any upfront fees already paid.


  • You're required to provide a certificate of land ownership and confirmation from your lender that finance has been approved.


  • We will lodge your building application and liase with the relevant local authority or building certifier.


  • We will lodge your plumbing application on your behalf if required.


  • You will need to notify your insurance provider to advise them that a renovation is taking place


  • Once your building approval has been issued we are in a position to start construction on site.


  • As per your building contract, progressive payments apply throughout the renovation process.


  • Within the proposed timeline and structured around contract/specification documents the journey from concept to completion will be as seamless as possible knowing our seasoned experienced team are with you all the way.

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