Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get access to my Online Portal?

Once we have provided you with a Budget Estimate and you have given authority to proceed to the next stage, your project will be loaded into your online portal and you will be given your unique login to access all of your project information including specifications and selections.

What does PS and PC Mean?

PS stands for Provisional Sum and PC stands for Prime Cost Item. A is an allowance that is included in your building contract for labour and materials when you builder cannot accurately quote the costs involved with a particular part of the build. For example – Your builder may including a Provisional Sum allowance for the foundations of your new home, as until they start digging the soil, they cannot confirm what is below the surface. A Item is an allowance in the building contract for an item that you have not yet selected. For example – Your front door may be a Prime Cost Item. The cost of the labour for the installation has already been allowed for, but the cost for the actual door has only been estimated as the selection has not yet been made.

What happens if I want to change something in my home?

Any changes that you make during the construction process will be handled by a variation. The Variation is recorded in your Online Portal for you to authorize electronically.

When will I know my guaranteed completion date?

Once your building approval has been issued and we have started work on site, we will be able to advise you of your guaranteed completion date.

How will I communicate with the builder?

Not only will you be able to communicate with your builder through your online portal, you will also be given the builders direct mobile phone number should you need to discuss any urgent matters.

Can I supply my own fittings?

There are some fittings and fixtures that you will be able to supply. Please keep in mind that if you supply your own fixtures and fittings, these will not be covered under the warranty offered by Latitude 20 Homes.

Can I use my friend/relative who is an electrician/plumber/tiler etc?

We take great care throughout the construction of your new home to ensure that it is built to the same high standard that we are renowned for. The way that we can ensure that this happens is by using the same sub-contractors on all of our projects.

How long does will it take to build my new home?

Building a home is not a race and we like to make sure that we handover to you the best quality new home possible. The timeframe for building a new home will vary depending on the size of your home, your site and your inclusions. We generally allow between 16 and 24 weeks.

Can I go out on site?

You are more than welcome to attend your site regularly; however, you will need to be accompanied by your site supervisor for safety reasons.

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